How to Apply

Nespelem Valley Electric Coop is seeking candidates for the position of Line Superintendent. To be considered for this position please submit the following items:

  1. A completed Application of Employment.
  2. A signed consent form for a pre-employment background check.
  3. A resume and cover letter.

Please send the completed packet to:

Dan Simpson
General Manager
P.O. Box 31
Nespelem WA 99155

Or email to

Applications will be reviewed upon receipt and interviews will begin April 16th.

If you have any questions please contact Dan Simpson at 509-634-4571.

Application Documents

Employment Application (PDF)

Disclosure Regarding Background Investigation (PDF)

Job Description & Responsibilities

Title: Line Superintendent


Provide maximum service to member-consumers by:

  1. Rendering prompt, efficient, courteous, and reliable line construction, operation, and maintenance service that will promote good will between the cooperative and the members.
  2. Being familiar with all applicable industrial codes, safety rules of the cooperative, the State, the Federal Government, and other applicable associations, State and Federal laws and regulations, and cooperative policies not limited to but including the National Electrical Safety Code, Washington State Dept. of Labor & Industries “Safety Standards for Electrical Workers” (Chapter 296-45 WAC, etc.), REA (now RUS) Standards, specifications, and general requirements, the Code of Federal Regulations as related to REA, etc.
  3. Supervises all work required in connection with construction, replacement, maintenance of distribution lines, and service to or on member-consumer premises.
  4. Supervising the control of all materials used in construction, maintenance, and service including:
    • resale of material
    • establishing and maintaining adequate records and accounting procedures for accurately charging out and in new and used materials, retirements, and inventories in the warehouse and trucks.
  5. Providing supervision skills and technical skills at a level that will permit more subdivision of total linecrew work load as arises for the furnishing of member-consumers with electric service.
  6. Assisting the manager in planning, constructing, operating and maintaining a reliable and efficient electrical system for the cooperative’s service area
  7. Coordinating and promoting a team effort among employees under his supervision.
  8. Developing a work force of electric line employees who are well versed in good utility practices and trained in safe working habits.
  9. Monitoring all line work activities and material uses for compliance with the established objectives and policies of the cooperative, RUS, the State of Washington and the Federal Government.
  10. Maintaining courteous communications and promptly responding to concerns of the members regarding electrical problems, outages, or needs.

Promote within established policies and procedures effective public relations by being able to inform the public about the rural electric program and by developing enthusiastic support for it and by actively participating in community and civic affairs.

Reporting Relationships

Reports to the Manager and is a middle management staff position. The position requires working from time to time after regular hours as circumstances of safety and consumer service needs dictate. Is responsible for other personnel as assigned. Works with cooperative personnel, management, and other representatives (Consulting Engineers; CPAs; Attorneys; RUS; CFC; Federated Insurance; Suppliers; Contractors; Civic and Professional/Trade Organizations; etc.) to effectively carry out the cooperative’s business. Attends board meetings and reports on activities; response to questions from the board and participates in the meetings as appropriate.


Training and Experience: Requires the successful completion of a minimum of ten (10) years progressive work experience as a journeyman lineperson and all that position’s qualification requirements.

All employees are required to conduct personal affairs with high ethical and moral standards so as to not adversely affect the cooperative image in the community and should at all times reflect the high integrity values of the cooperative.

Skills testing will be given prior to hiring to determine qualifications and ability of the applicant to perform the duties of the position. The applicant must pass written and oral examinations given by management. Periodic skills testing may be required to determine the employee’s continued ability to perform the duties of the job.

The employee must be able to perform the duties of the position which includes performing all the duties of a journeyman lineperson. In addition, this includes but is not limited to: lifting of heavy objects; considerable walking, standing, climbing, pushing, and pulling; the ability to withstand exposure to adverse elements when presence is required for emergency situations; the ability to pass tests to obtain permits and/or licenses that affect the position as required by State and Federal laws (includes DOT CDL driver license and mandated Drug-Alcohol testing); must complete the requirements for a first-aid certificate and CPR training, etc. Once an offer of employment has been made, the applicant must satisfactorily pass a physical examination as a condition of employment to determine the capability to perform the duties described herein. Periodic physical examinations will be required to establish the employee’s continued ability to satisfactorily perform these duties.

The Line Superintendent may be required to drive vehicles (including a truck-trailer) combination either during daytime or nighttime periods. The person in this position must have and must maintain a commercial driver’s license at all times to be fully qualified and maintain employment. Vehicles operated near energized conductors or parts require alertness and continuous mental concentration because of the very serious potential dangers it poses to other workers and the general public if control over any part of the work activity or equipment is not maintained. Because of occasional complicated and unusual circumstances which occur in line work trouble shooting and repair, the job requires alertness, uninterrupted conscientiousness, ability to concentrate for an extended period of time, good recall of instructions, and good mind analyzing capabilities.

The Line Superintendent must be familiar with proper care, record keeping, handling, storage, use and safety requirements of explosives, chemicals, compounds, and sprays used by the cooperative which may be dangerous to health and environment if mishandled or misapplied. It is required that employees comply with all Federal and State regulations for hazardous waste disposal as set for in cooperative procedures and policies.

The Line Superintendent supervises line crew safety programs in cooperation with the Safety Director and the manager and is the Chairman of the Safety Committee. He shall convene the committee, investigate accidents, and make safety recommendations. He and the manager shall be responsible for the cooperative’s Safety Accreditation Program.

The Line Superintendent is responsible for the hiring, discipline and termination of the employees under his supervision. These actions will be done in consultation with the manager and with his final approval.

The Line Superintendent is responsible for the purchase, storage, and accounting of all construction materials, and repair & replacement of all tools, vehicles, equipment, and supplies.

The Line Superintendent is responsible for estimating the costs for installing new services and line extensions, uprating services as increasing loads demand, staking new line construction, and assists in all system planning , operation, and maintenance activities. Must have a working knowledge of computers.

The Line Superintendent must have excellent human relations, verbal and written communication skills, organizational ability, and problem solving skills. He must have demonstrated ability to produce results with previous assignments. Good negotiating skills. Ability to effectively monitor and develop subordinates. Ability to demonstrate leadership skills and a desire to lead. Ability to use a variety of hand and mechanical tools. Ability to maintain a CDL and operate vehicles. Ability to perform any subordinate’s job responsibilities.

Duties and Responsibilities

The following is a partial list of things that the Line Superintendent would do while carrying out his duties and responsibilities and is by no means exhaustive or complete: Specific duties and responsibilities pertaining to the position of journeyman lineman include:

  1. Manages all personnel and activities of the cooperative’s line department in accordance with established objectives and board policies. Performs any and all overhead and underground line work on both energized and de-energized lines connected with the maintenance, operation, and construction of the electrical facilities. Patrols lines for trouble; reports and records findings of needed maintenance. Locates and corrects trouble on outages. Reports member complaints and requests.
  2. Plans and schedules all Work Order & other construction, maintenance and operations activities of the cooperative’s line department; assists in Work Order accounting procedures. Directs the installation, connection, and maintenance of transformers, voltage regulators, capacitors, and other line equipment and hardware. Does so with reference to schematic diagrams, drawings and system maps. Changes internal transformer connections to provide proper service voltage.
  3. Works closely with the cooperative’s consulting engineers in developing and adequate distribution system resulting in sound reliability.
  4. Handles all personnel problems of employees assigned to his supervision. When problems cannot be resolved, he shall consult with the general manager. Is responsible for the personnel connected with all jobs, and is aware of possible public liability and property damage. Keeps daily time records for himself and line crew members. Utilizes the system maps and diagrams. Stakes line extensions, conversions, and construction in accordance with specifications and drawings for 12.5/7.2kv line construction (REA spec. book);
  5. Analyses the cooperative’s long range engineering plan, current construction work plan, and sectionalizing study, and organizes and schedules job activities to carry out the requirements of the aforementioned engineering studies. Installs and reads test meters in the field. Utilizes computer program in connection with the “Power Logger” and other instruments. Assists in making voltage and amperage surveys. Reads meters for testing ground resistance, etc.
  6. Obtains permission from landowners prior to cutting or trimming trees or clearing ROW on member owner’s property in primary, secondary, and service lines; cleans up the worksite in agreement with landowners. Performs all tree clearing tasks when near hot lines and in hazardous areas. Secures, executes, files, and maintains records on all ROW easements and agreements.
  7. Develops and maintains accurate maintenance and operations records such as, but not limited to, line inspection records, OCR maintenance records, transformer records, voltage regulator records, phase balance records, line loading records, right-of-way clearing, underground plant inspection records, etc.
  8. Prepares accurate records of line changes such as changing of substation, circuit and phase feeders and makes changes available to the office manager for computer programming. Estimates the cost of new service extensions and administers the cooperative’s line extension polices and other related policies in determining construction activities, etc.
  9. Handles all inquiries from members in regard to service, technical information or of any nature concerning the operational functions of the line department.
  10. Works closely with the county and state highway engineers in developing efficient work schedules for line relocations due to highway or road construction.
  11. Prepares annual work programs and budgets for the line department and submits these as part of the annual budget to the manager and board for evaluation and approval.
  12. Assists with collection of delinquent accounts receivable in cooperation with the General Manager and billing specialist.
  13. Requisitions materials and supplies for the line department; keeps management informed of major purchases.
  14. Makes recommendations to the manager for the purchase, repair or replacement of tools, supplies and work equipment. Maintains an annual budget for these items.
  15. Investigates all accidents involving cooperative personnel and equipment; prepares accident reports for the manager to review and forward to the cooperative’s insurance carrier, legal counsel, and required governmental authorities. Is able to administer First Aid, CPR, and pole top rescue. Sees that all work is performed in accordance with the approved safety standards and procedures of the cooperative; actively participates in the safety program and continued safety education.
  16. Dispatches the line crew during major storms. Evaluates their ability to effectively handle restoration of service and calls for outside assistance when needed.
  17. Schedules dielectric testing of all rubber gloves, blankets, line guards, hot sticks, bucket truck, etc.
  18. Investigates all multi-phase metering requirements and obtains correct equipment for proper application.
  19. Checks to determine if proper vehicle servicing activities are being followed and carried out.
  20. Insures that all work is in compliance with the cooperative’s basic operating and safety rules and enforces disciplinary action in accordance with policies when flagrant violations occur. Reviews the basic operating and safety rules for changes when it is necessary. Sees that all job sites and locations are left in a neat and safe condition following completion of work; enters and exits consumer’s property so that no damage occurs.
  21. Develops after-hour duty schedules and assignments.
  22. Attends educational meetings and seminars as directed by management. Continues training and personal development through continued education or appropriate avenues. Attends and participates in meetings and/or training sessions as requested or assigned.
  23. Completes special projects and other duties as requested or assigned.

Work Schedule

The work schedule is subject to the needs of the cooperative. Normal working hours will be during the regular business hours of the cooperative between 8:00am and 5:00pm unless adjusted for weather, seasonal, or work load conditions. A lineperson will be required, from time to time, to work after regular hours as circumstances of safety and consumer service needs dictate. This overtime work may occur during all hours of the day or night, holidays, weekends and during certain adverse weather conditions.


The line superintendent shall have the authority to carry out the duties and responsibilities of this position in conformity with the established policies and procedures of the cooperative.

The employee is encouraged to use initiative and good judgment in making decisions that can affect the cooperative and should feel free to make suggestions for the improvement and efficiencies of operations. The employee shall discuss and secure approval of the manager when policies are not clear, inadequate, or require interpretation.

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